Friday, April 22, 2011

Remember that day when it was pouring....

Dress from Shareen vintage.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Never fear being vulgar, just boring" -Diana Vreeland

I was recently in Karachi on a two week sojourn to catch up with family and as many friends as I could possibly fit in. It wasn't nearly enough time and I was back before I could even warm the soles of my fashion seeking feet. I only barely managed to make a few orders at tried and trusted Sana Safinaz, that process alone took four days of mulling and then finally sealing the orders. I felt quite decadent spending so much moolah all in one go but kept reminding myself I won't be able to come back for months at the least. Two labels I missed checking up on were Body Focus and the eponymous Sadaf Malatere both show cased impressive collections at the Pakistan Fashion Week which was an event that put Pakistani fashion on the global map. Feeha Jamshed and Maheen Karim are two other designers who are my all time favorites and good friends as well I wish I had at least had time to say hi. The city was snoozy and tepid in spirit owing to the recent bombings and the impending anvil of doom was all too present. The strength and determination of its people was there and I felt assured that the people will prevail.

New York: Cold but sunny and stylish as ever. The very first day of my arrival I visited all my favorite haunts. Mink on Mulberry Street, The Second Time Around on Mott, Zara's for a high street update as well as Top Shop. I recently discovered a new old vintage store down Broome Street close to Opening Ceremony where I'm hoping a few select pieces from the Chloe Sevigny collection are still lingering around specially the red suede back pack with my name on it. But I digress, so this store recently discovered, what's special about it is a sizable collection of velvet pirate style jackets. The lining is coming to pieces but the fit is impeccable and the ruffles divine. There are also interesting hats and old coin bracelets to add some old world glam to an everyday ensemble. Speaking of which I'm taking notes from Diana Vreeland and learning to live a little on the let's say un-conventional side and try to be interesting in my wardrobe choices rather than just aesthetically pleasing. For instance it's super early in the morning (specially for a late riser like myself) but here I am in a black and white japanese style woolen cape accessorized with a champagne cocktail ring and very red lips. Now if only I had someone to a photograph me right now....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mark Leibowitz: Fleeting Fashion

These pictures were taken by Mark Leibowitz at the John Galliano fall 2008 ready to wear collection show. I love the effects of the prolonged exposure. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Every magazine I pick up these days; mostly fashion glossies goes without saying, have some celebrity or model sporting a version of the 'Boyfriend Jacket'. Agyness Deyn being one of them. But then again I have since forever seen her sporting them. But you get my drift. So I decided one evening while I had to rush out to get dinner ingredients (sounds better than saying groceries) and did not have time to or the inclination to wear my bulky trench. Decided to throw on this outfit. 
-The white shirt is Giordano; I own two of those, Love 'em.

-The boots are blue and brown Paisley print Wellies I picked up from a small store on the West side.

-The gray sweater is also a nameless little piece I picked up sometime back.

-The cutoff pants are from Pakistan, from a label called Kapray Waghayra. One of my favorite places to shop.

And finally, the jacket belongs to my husband. Who was also the very amused photographer of these pics. So here it is presenting, ahem, 'The Husband Jacket'.
Doesn't get anymore recession proof than this. I sported his cardigan the other day as well while roaming around in Soho. It's an olive green shade and quite large and droopy on me. Paired with a chunky necklace my grandma gave me-- I know how it sounds, a grandma necklace? but believe me my grandma is still a trendsetter back home. I'll post some pics of her as well soon. As proof. Coming back to my outfit, I wore skinny jeans and suede boots and chunky rings on my fingers, my nails a deep shade of red and I was ready to show my fashionable self to the world. And now with this jacket being another inspiration I think I may have discovered another closetful of goodies....

80's FEVER

I know I've been absent for some time now. A lot of things came up. My writing class just ended. Did I mention I was taking a fashion writing class? Well I was and I still have to finish my assignment. Can't wait to put it up on my blog. Won't give it away beforehand. Promise it will be out soon.

Coming back to this picture. I went to this club with a bunch of friends tonight where they had an Eighties theme night and I had been having a case of the MJ's what with Billie Jean playing on my ipod playlist everytime there is a song request. Plus I recently bought this cool hat. Which I had been eyeing for a while. Hence the Eighties gear. The thing is I buy hats but then I never wear them, I have a feeling though that this time "that" won't be the case. I love it! It's from a hat brand called 'Hat Attack' and I think I'm going to rock it the entire summer season. This club I'm at (in the picture) is called The Pyramid Lounge. It's a cool place but wasn't too impressed, so me and my gang hopped over to another place called 'Sullivan room'. Honestly the cover charges were atrocious specially in these recession ridden times. But the music was surreal. It was this seamless trance beat that kept us glued to the floor for the longest time. 
Anyways part of the reason I convinced myself the hat is a great buy is also because I think what with pockets getting tighter. Accessories is the way to go. In this picture, I have layered up a bunch of old t's. Which coincidentally are all from forever 21, the jeans are old Armani Exchange, the ring is Aldo's and the hoops are from the streets of Karachi-- my city in Pakistan. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Out on a sunny day..

-Jacket: MNG by Mango, Shirt: Ego(Pakistan), Pants: from some shop in Thailand, Sandals: Steven by Steve Madden 

I realized pretty late that it was such a beautiful day outside so quickly threw this on and ran out. It's a pretty casual mix. Something that is very summery but the jacket was perfect for the slightly cold wind outside. The sandals are hot new buy and they add a nice touch of bright color (my fav shade of yellow/mustard mix) to the outfit.

Monday, March 2, 2009

On my wish List!!!

My favorite must have nail color in blue black by OPI. I think this would go perfectly with the fall styles but honestly I am excited by the versatility of the shade. I mean it certainly has the rockstar glam thing going on but it can easily translate into evening classic with a simple shift dress.

This is another piece that is great for the upcoming fall season but timeless with its classic lines and uber posh exterior. This one above is a Donna Karen clutch as seen on the runway in feb '09. I saw a similar one in Soho recently with a much more pocket friendly price tag but just the same style factor. 

Runway looks fall 2009

Alexander Wang's black bondage inspired goth glam oufits were alluring in their almost sinister appeal. I loved the lace up booties that went with them. Not to mention the soft black leather clutches that spelled cool.

Derek Lam's clean silhouettes and understated glamour was another collection that is very inspiring. I loved the heels in animal print with the straps all around. 

PhillipLim's french dandy is definitely a fashionista's dream come true.  For hair and makeup, I'm not big on styling my hair and keep it messy and product free. I think eyes as seen on the proenza show and the lipstick shade in Richard  Chai are the two things I might try on myself. Separately of course. 

Colors anyone?

Bill cunningham posted this little collage of spring colors for the New York Times. I find it to be very inspiring...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


( Tank hand-painted by street artist called Misfit NYC , necklace from Sunday market, jeans by Ammar belal, Bangles collected over time, Ring from Aldo, Sam Edelman  shoes in black leather, belt from thailand)

- I had this shirt in my closet for some time and was dying to wear it but it's been so cold these past weeks. Finally I wore it at home and got a few shots taken. I wanted my makeup to be more Goth but didn't have time ( or the patience really ). I initially was going to wear my converse shoes but decided to take it in a dressier direction with the heels. A bit more Oomph!

Friday, February 20, 2009

60's MIX

( Bangles collected over time, Deepak Perwani dress, Vintage heels, Forever 21 earrings, My fav Indian ring)

I recently bought these wedges and they have the cutest detailing on the sides but this is all we got since it was freezing outside. You can still see the tiny flowers on the bottom edge. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  ZARA Spring Collection 2009. Could not resist these. They reminded me so much of the feel of walking barefoot on wet grass in the morning. I had made a solemn resolve to not buy flats anymore but these are perfect for a beautiful spring day spent at Central Park with a big floppy hat, cotton dress and a copy of a great classic. The fnesnfsinfesfmnisnjfiesnfisdnfidnfdi

MNG Spring Collection 2009.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My latest Acquisition the Yellow Jacket

- Marc Jacobs jacket, grey forever 21 graphic tee, white cotton skinny pants forever 21, Aldo boots, Indian sundial ring , Silver danglies from a thrift shop

 JAcket DEtail

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring is around the corner and bright colors and florals are very much on my mind. I went hunting for both down 9th and 2 avenue which is my current favorite shopping hotspot. I found a couple of interesting items that I'll be posting soon. 
Sadly, I noticed a few of the shops are closing down due to the recession but some are re-locating to more affordable locations. 
Will be back with more updates and pictures; lots and lots of them.